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Designed not only for classical music aficionados, but also for newcomers looking to delve deeper into the world of classical music, the first half of each Beyond the Score program offers a multimedia examination of the selected score-its context in history, how it fits into the composer's output of works, the details of a composer's life that influenced its creation-sharing the illuminating stories found "inside" the music.

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Beyond the Score

Critical Acclaim for Beyond the Score®

"The Chicago Symphony Orchestra has a winner in Beyond the Score, its newest attempt to rethink the way audiences experience live classical music."
Chicago Sun-Times

"Of all the various attempts by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in recent years to lure new listeners to Symphony Center and stimulate a deeper understanding of its music, none has proved more of a runaway hit, deservedly so, than the Beyond the Score series."
Chicago Tribune

"I couldn’t help notice however that what made the presentation work as an experience that really changed my perception of the work was the high degree of artistry applied to the presentation. It wasn’t the information that got to me, it was the art."
Jesse Rosen, League of American Orchestras

"With Beyond the Score, the CSO has created common ground on which newbies and seasoned concertgoers can meet, learn and be entertained."
Chicago Tribune 

2013/14 Beyond the Score events at Symphony Center

Ives Symphony No. 2 April 25, 2014 >
Ives Symphony No. 2 April 27, 2014 >

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